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Intuitive Guidance from the Heart

Embodying love is the greatest revolution.
My name is Alison Lessard and I'm an intuitive with nearly a decade of experience as a healing arts practitioner. After a life-changing relationship experience, I began receiving channeled information about “divine love” and spiritual growth as it relates to relationship with Self (and others) and decided to launch a YouTube channel to share with people worldwide. It shifted my entire perspective on life, as well as how I show up to be of service. I'm devoted to helping you evolve beyond old emotional and relationship patterns and into your highest personal potential. I'll also teach you how to allow your intuition to be your most trusted source of guidance. This will shift you into a state of relaxed receptivity and empowerment, as things flow to you, so you have the time and energy to channel your energy into what brings you joy.
I'm passionate about helping women embody their own luminosity and innate power, as well as guiding people who desire sacred, romantic partnership in this life.
My mission is to be my most authentic self and, in turn, empower you to live in your truth and lead from your heart.
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