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Intuitive Guidance and Mentorship

My name is Alison Lessard and I'm an intuitive guide, teacher and mentor with nearly a decade of experience as a healing arts practitioner. After a life-changing relationship experience, I had a rapid kundalini awakening and began receiving channeled information about “divine love” and spiritual growth and it set the course of my life in a completely new direction!
I'm passionate about supporting women who are ready to enjoy more ease and pleasure in their lives and in their businesses how to tap into their receptive, feminine energy. I've created intro courses on how to use divination tools like tarot and astrology to develop your own intuition, as well as relationship programs to help you shift out of old emotional patterns and into greater self-awareness (and more conscious, intentional relationships).
Your intuition is your deepest source of guidance and your sexual life-force energy is one of the most powerful ways to activate your creative expression and elevate your consciousness. This is what my offerings revolve around and what lights me up.
If you know you're here on Earth with a deeper soul purpose and you're seeking guidance and mentorship about how to embody your fullest expression, I'd love to support you.
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