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Conscious Relationship Healing, Intuitive Development and Mindfulness Tools

My name is Alison Lessard and I'm an intuitive with extensive training in various healing arts modalities. I've been a practitioner for almost a decade, have authored numerous online courses on relationship healing and intuitive development (using astrology and tarot) and currently run the House of Woo, a monthly video subscription to embrace your inner mystic and connect with like-minded people all around the world. All my life I’ve been labeled “woo-woo” and struggled with feeling weird, different or that I couldn’t use my gifts or interests in “real life”…until I FULLY embraced it! And then I made a career of loving the esoteric world and finding ways to integrate it into my "practical" reality as well. My hope is that through my videos and teachings I help you to do the same! The world needs balancing and part of what will help is to balance our rational side with our intuitive nature. Both matter. My mission is to continue providing self-empowerment and mindfulness resources, with a dash of irreverant humor, to help you strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection and remind you that magic is real.
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Waiting vs. Holding Space

If you've been feeling stuck, frustrated or in limbo in your love life, sign up here to receive the free webinar on Waiting vs. Holding Space, where we explore the reasons why you end up putting your life and joy on hold for someone else and how to move into a state of empowerment and receptivity in love.