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Conscious Relationship Healing, Intuitive Development and Mindfulness Tools

My name is Alison Lessard and I'm an intuitive with extensive training in various healing arts modalities. I've been a practitioner for almost a decade and have authored numerous online courses on relationship healing and intuitive development (using astrology and tarot) and have been leading a private membership group since 2016, now known as The Sanctuary. I've helped thousands of people get "unstuck" in relationships, particularly as it relates to powerful soul connections. I've brought clarity and understanding to those navigating the spiritual awakening process, specializing in how to heal blocks to love, via my Youtube videos. My mission is to continue to provide self-empowerment and mindfulness resources like tarot readings, e-courses, meditation and gentle yoga to help you slow down, incorporate more gratitude and love as part of a daily ritual and strengthen your intuition so it becomes a trusted tool.
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Waiting vs. Holding Space

If you've been feeling stuck, frustrated or in limbo in your love life, sign up here to receive the free webinar on Waiting vs. Holding Space, where we explore the reasons why you end up in the "waiting room" and how to move into a state of receptivity in love.